Sponsor a Musician

Partner with Gwinnett Symphony to keep the tradition of live orchestral and choral music alive by supporting our musicians! Our talented musicians are the lifeblood of Gwinnett Symphony. Each one is a passionate artist who is dedicated to making the most inspiring and moving music for you.

Participating in the Gwinnett Symphony Sponsor a Musician Program personalizes your concert experience and brings a new perspective to the music you love. Whether you have an affinity for a particular instrument or player, you will enjoy a sense of inclusion as you watch and listen to Gwinnett Symphony and your sponsored musician.

Musician Sponsorship Benefits

  • Your name will appear next to the name of your sponsored musician on every print or digital concert program of the 2023-2024 season.
  • Your name will appear next to the name of your sponsored musician on the website musicians page.
  • You may meet your sponsored musician after a concert and even take a picture with them.
  • You may choose to add "anonymous", "in honor of", "in memory of", etc.
  • You may choose your favorite instrument if you do not know a musician to sponsor. We will match you up with a musician!
  • As a musician sponsor you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are playing a major role in continuing Gwinnett Symphony's legacy of musical excellence

Musician Sponsorship Levels

  • $50 Youth Orchestra Musician
  • $75 Symphony Orchestra or Chorus Musician
  • $200 Concertmaster
  • $500 Conductor
2023-2024 represents the inaugural season for Gwinnett Symphony's Sponsor a Musician Program. The sponsorship level donation amounts are kept very low in order to allow for multiple sponsorships for each musician.